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Home healthcare in Palm Beach Gardens is available for families in need. From senior care to in-home care, Alzheimer's disease, dementia care, end-of-life care, private duty nursing, and the transition back to a home environment after an extended period of hospitalization (or situations of the same kind), there are many areas where you need the services of a company with experience and passion. A more in-depth look at the above-mentioned areas (from private nursing to end-of-life care) will be explored in the services below, which are provided by Comfort Keepers.   

In-Home Care Palm Beach Gardens

Having social engagements maintains not only health, but mental acuity and quality of life over time for seniors. In fact, according to holidaytouch.com, social activity may have the same vitality as that which comes from physical activity among seniors. The big problem is that most organizations offering senior care of any stripe, in-home or otherwise, don't include as part of their operations social solutions. Comfort Keepers seeks to provide home health care in Palm Beach Gardens which includes this essential element. Comfort Keepers does this by providing personalized care services with socialization factored in. This includes conversation, companionship, meal-preparation, laundry, and even light housekeeping--too much housekeeping can actually have an equally detrimental effect on mental acuity. According to an emaxhealth.com,  maintaining independence is a crucial factor in health. Over-zealous housecleaning from an agency can actually lead to a negative psychology which diminishes health.

Senior Care

Senior care isn't just providing a place to live in a sort of dormitory of peers. It includes socialization and bodily maintenance which is usually up-close and of a personal nature. Many assisted living facilities have a clinical aspect to them which doesn't take this into account. The solution is a group who understands that healthcare is more than just bodily, physical health. It includes mental considerations as well. Bathing, grooming, hygiene, mobility assistance, incontinence assistance and relief which isn't embarrassing, and specialized diets meeting individual needs are essential. This is one reason a comprehensive approach to senior care is advised by Jere Jännes in a recent Oxford Journal selection. 

Respite Care

The problem with caring for a senior yourself is: life. It's going to get in the way. You need the assistance of a vetted organization like Comfort Keepers who comprehensively care for seniors the same way you do, including physical and psychological needs.

End-Of-Life Care

Yes, many seniors would rather spend their final days among family. But that's not always something which can be done reasonably. In fact, it can be mentally, psychologically, and developmentally draining via economic loss from bearing the burden of an individual toward the end of their life. That's why Comfort Keepers offers support for you and your loved one through a medical provider or hospice agency. Comfort Keepers will help your loved one, and even clean up around the house while rendering support both emotional and mental. Home health care in Palm Beach Gardens shouldn't be restricted to those who've been notified of a shortened life expectancy.

Transitioning Home

Getting home after the hospital can be extremely good or extremely bad for the health of a senior loved one in your life. They need proper support, and proper care, after such a serious surgery. Without this, recovery takes much longer, and could even result in the need for another stay at a medical establishment. Though family members are only too happy to take on senior care after these extreme operations, this may not be the best solution. The concerns of regular living can diminish the support you are able to give your loved one. To help ease this transition, Comfort Keepers offers support which includes a recovery plan. Household assistance including housekeeping, errand running, meal preparation, and more is included. Transportation for incidental additional hospital visits, communication with medical teams standing by, and peace of mind for friends and family involved are all part of the process.

Private Duty Nursing

You love the elders in your family, and would rather keep them at home as twilight years approach. But their needs require constant attention. There are home health care options in Palm Beach Gardens which include the services of a private duty nurse, and are designed to solve this problem. A private duty nurse will help facilitate proper medication administration through weekly pill boxes or dispensing machines that are automatic and designed to ensure proper administration. Private duty nurses also give such medicine directly to seniors, whether it be orally administered, given topically, through eye/ear drops, inhalants, nebulizers, oxygen, or injection. A private duty nurse will also render necessary medical care of a personal nature. This can include trimming of nails, oral cavity suctioning, and supervision of bowels. Many seniors in America have been afflicted with Diabetes, so private duty nurses also fill insulin syringes, can professionally interpret the results of a blood sugar test, as well as correctly administer sliding scale dosages as administered by a physician. Such professional nurses can also help with those tasks which are especially uncomfortable for family members; like catheter hygiene and ostomy maintenance. Lastly, such nurses can help train family members in all these tasks, dependent on their willingness to learn.


Going The In-Home Route Has Never Been More Manageable

As society develops, in-home options are more manageable, affordable, and amenable to your peace of mind than ever. Comfort Keepers will help you and your loved ones through this difficult period of life. Providing quality care and comfort for patients in their own home is the objective of in-home care. Allow the caring professionals at Home Health Care Palm Beach Gardens to help you care for your family member who is in need of occasional in-home care, ongoing care, Seniors, memory care, end-of-life care and transitioning from hospital to home care. Rather than place a strain on the family that could struggle with ailing parents or elder seniors, Comfort Keepers is committed to providing a safe, comfortable and affordable service for senior-care in your home.  


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