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Caregivers in the Spotlight


Our team of Comfort Keepers are what make us so great! We carefully screen, on-board, educate and mentor our Comfort Keepers to ensure you or your loved one are receiving the highest quality in-home care. It is important to recognize the fantastic work all of our Comfort Keepers do to keep our Clients safe, engaged, and happy. We love to celebrate our Comfort Keepers for all of the ways they make a difference in our Client's lives!


New Comfort Keepers Ready for Action!

We are pleased to welcome new Comfort Keepers to the team! They are excited and ready to serve the Jupiter community! 

Patricia Gets a Bonus

Congratulations to Patricia Miller! Patricia recently joined our team and amassed 300 caregiving hours in her first 90 days. By doing that, Patricia was eligible to receive a sign-on bonus offered to all of our Comfort Keepers who meet the same goal. Keep up the great work Patricia! We are so happy to have you on our team!

Patricia Miller (center) receives her $150 sign-on bonus 

Comfort Keeper of the Month: Sheni Harris

Sheni has a passion for what she does and it is written in her smile. She is caring and compassionate toward her Clients and is a real team player. Sheni communicates nicely with the office and is always in line with the Comfort Keepers way. We are proud to have her as a Comfort Keeper and our Clients are too! Congratulations and thank you for all that you do, Sheni!

From Left: Owner Dr. Paul Cain, Administrator Lucia Voellinger, Comfort Keeper of The Month Sheni Harris, and Client Care Coordinator Deborah Norlander


Comfort Keeper of the Month: Mary Monroe

Mary is a great example of all that we look for in the ideal Comfort Keeper. She is not only caring and skilled with our Clients, but she is a team player - always willing to pitch in where necessary, whenever she can. Her communication with the office is excellent and she is a very dependable Comfort Keeper - which not only means the world to our Office, but is also important in providing consistent and quality care to our Clients. Thank you for everything you do, Mary! We are proud to have you on our team!

From Left: Office Manager, Stephanie Pemper, Comfort Keeper of The Month Mary Monroe and Deborah Norlander, Client Care Coordinator


Comfort Keeper of the Month: Maria Guzman

Maria is a team player if there ever was one. She truly enjoys caring for our Clients. Maria brings not only skill but joy, positivity, creativity, and fun to our Clients each and every shift she works. You are valuable to us and our Clients, Maria and we cannot thank you enough! Congratulations!

Shown From Left : Sharon Poulos, Comfort Keeper of The Month Maria Guzman, Client Care Coordinator Deborah Norlander, and Lucia Voellinger, Administrator.


Comfort Keeper of the Month: Kate Rush

Kate is a model example of what it means to be a Comfort Keeper. She consistently keeps our Client's best interests in mind through her skill and compassion. Kate is very observant and thorough in her communications with the office. She presents herself in a very professional, cheerful, and positive manner. Most of all, Kate is extremely skilled in Interactive Caregiving, which is at the heart of everything we do! She engages our clients and together, they make the most of all of the time they have together. Kate truly has fun! Congratulations, Kate! We could not be more proud to have you on our team! 

Kate Rush (left) is pictured with client Helen McCune (right).


Comfort Keeper of the Month: Ellen Simmons

Ellen exemplifies everything we look for in our Comfort Keepers: care, concern, conscientiousness, communication, consistency and cooking. She is a reliable team player, who we are fortunate to have on our team! Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication, Ellen!

Comfort Keeper of the Month Ellen Simmons presents her award.


Comfort Keeper of the Month: Kathleen Geary

 Kathleen has been a great example of what we seek in our Comfort Keepers. She is courteous, prompt, communicative with the office, in compliance with our policies and procedures, and most of all, she is an excellent Comfort Keeper to our beloved Clients. Thank you for being a part of our team, Kathy! You are celebrated!

Comfort Keeper of the Month, Kathleen Geary presents her award.


Comfort Keeper of the Month: Kathy DeLong

Kathy has been a dedicated Comfort Keeper for over 4 years and has consistently been a model of what it means to be a Comfort Keeper. Her compassion, experience, dedication, and continued service are an asset to our team and we officially thank her again for all that she does!

From Left: Stephanie Pemper, Cathy Holleman, Kathy DeLong, Linda DelPrete, and Jennifer Blakeman.


Comfort Keeper of the Month: Ellie Bentley

Ellie is a stellar example of the qualities that make a person inherently a Comfort Keeper. Ellie's Client's are not only impressed by her professionalism, but they also have a great time with her. Thank you for everything that you do. We are so thankful for and proud of you!


Comfort Keeper of the Month Ellie Bentley (Middle) receives her award from Deborah Norlander (Left) and Jennifer Blakeman (Right.)


Comfort Keeper of the Month: Margaret Rivera

Margaret has been with the company for 5 years and has clocked the most HHA care hours.  Her dedication to Clients and work ethic are exemplary and feel honored to be the recipients of such great care. We are happy to announce Margaret is our very first Comfort keeper of The Month and couldn't be happier to call her one of ours.

Comfort Keeper of the Month Margaret Rivera (Right) shares her award with Client Hattie Segal (Left.)
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